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  • Live Webinars starting January 27, 2024.  Taught by Dr Ahmed Ibrahim. Please see schedule below.  
  • OnDemand Webinars, already updated for the 2024 exam, suitable for class participants preparing for their exam in (Q1) 2024 using the new exam reference codes.  
  • A comprehensive program totaling 62 hours of live instructions that covers closely the California Seismic Principles Exam Test Plan.
  • The program elements include: Class Lectures, Textbook, Practice Exam Book and CBT software, Problem Solving Workshops, Weekly Homework, Weekly Consultation Hours, Class Summary Sheets, Mini-Exams and Simulation Exams.
  • Program is designed for full interaction with class participants to enhance the learning experience and maximize the chance for passing the Seismic Exam. Class participants are expected to solve exercises during the class and submit their homework promptly.
  • Review classes for CA Seismic Principles Exam are offered live online, and on-demand. Please click on the schedule below for detailed information.
  • All registration to CA Seismic On-Demand class will be subject to the following access terms:
    • 180 days since initial registration date.
    • 120 days - free repeat with proof of exam results and requested within 1 year from initial registration date.
  • All registration to CA Seismic Live Webinar class will be subject to the following access terms:
    • 180 days since first day of live webinar class.
    • 120 days - free repeat with proof of exam results and requested within 1 year from date of the first live webinar class.

The California Board for Professional Engineers is using the 2022 California Building Code (IBC 2021) and the ASCE 7-16 as the building code and seismic load standard for the CA seismic exam starting January 2024. Class books, recordings and handouts are updated using the current exam codes and syllabus.


Assorted Testimonials

Thank you so much for all your help. I couldn't have done it without your webinars, study material and your extra time outside of class. I really enjoyed your class. I have explained it to others as "Seismic for Dummies." I like that there was interaction and office hours. Also, I liked that you had access to everything anytime and the whole time. I took other class before and he limits the amount of time you have to watch the on-demand. It was much better to have the freedom to go back and watch a video or join the live webinar any time. It was really helpful how many practice tests you provided. I will highly recommend your course. Thanks again!! I can't say enough how much I appreciate your course.
Katrina B.
Costa Mesa, CA
Thanks a lot for your wonderful and energetic class. Your explanation coupled with many hands on exercises helped me to understand the concepts and drive home the lessons. It was luckiest decision to take your class after Google search. As instructor you did 100% of your job, now remaining is my part.
Suman S.
Marysville, CA
I really enjoyed your class. I was never a class room type person because of the interruptions and sidebars that students interject during the lectures. With this type of teaching method, there is no time wasted on traveling to a location. After the class, I can immediately start implementing the lectures into the problems. You also introduced strategy which many instructors do not include in their lectures. Thank  you for your informative class and diligent care for your students
Marco M.
Pinole, CA
  • California Seismic On-Demand

    • Access to Recorded Webinars and Workshops, totaling 62 hours. Updated for the 2024 Exam.
    • Study Guide with weekly plan and Homework assignments
    • Fundamentals Textbook, Practice Exam book
    • Three mini-exams and Two full Simulation Exams
    • Access to three Computer Based Tests Portal
    • Access to Ask the Instructor Portal
    • Access to Discussion Forum
    • Access is granted for 180 days from the first day of registration
    • Free repeat – granted for 120 days, with CA Board results