Are instructors available to answer questions after live sessions?

AEI instructors are available to answer your technical questions. Please log in to your account on the portal and type in your questions in the ASK THE INSTRUCTOR Discussion Forum. You will receive an answer within 2 business days.

Can I attend the class by viewing the recordings without attending the live sessions?

Yes, if that is your preference. You may send any inquiries to the instructor if you had any question after watching the recordings.

Can I watch the recordings/videos on a mobile device (tablet, iPad, iPhone)?

Yes you can. You need to login to your AEI account and watch through the Dashboard portal.

Do I need additional software to access webinar and/or on-Demand videos?

AEI uses ZOOM to conduct all live webinar classes. You do not need to have a ZOOM account. You will receive an email invitation before each live webinar session with the zoom link. Class Calendar will show the date and time of the live webinars.

Do I need to do homework/mini-exam sets?

To get a full understanding and a full grasp of the topic, you need to do the homework problems and Mini-exams for each module. Also completing Mini-exam sets is a requirement to qualify for a Certificate of Completion.

How are webinars conducted?

Webinars are conducted using Zoom services. Instructors show class presentations, by sharing their desktop with class participants using the above services. Class participants interact with the instructor and other participants by typing questions and comments in the chat box.

How do I pay the registration fees?

Payments are processed on our website portal through our online secure payment gateway.

What happens after I submit and pay the registration fees?

Enrollment confirmation will be e-mailed to you after we receive the registration form and the payment including instructions on how to access the class videos and handouts.

What is the difference between live webinar and on-demand webinar formats?

In the live webinar format, the class participants interact with the instructor and other participants in a live virtual class over the Internet. Registrants who purchase an on-demand webinars are provided with access to the recordings of live webinar sessions from the current or previous season.

What kind of discounts does AEI offer for registration?

AEI offers 5% discount to current US Army, reserve or veterans. No other discounts are offered.

When do I receive the class books/binders ?

You will receive a hard copy of your textbook/binder for the CA Seismic class and SE Vertical and Lateral classes within 5 business days from your registration date. For Civil PE Breadth and Depth classes, you can download the Digital Class Binder from the PDF Handout folder in your DashBoard. Please allow one business day to email you the license to view the secured PDF documents.

What is needed to view the Digital Class Binder for Civil PE classes?

Civil PE Class participants shall receive their class binders and handout materials as secured PDF Documents and not hard copy.

To view the secured documents, you will need to install a viewer and receive a license to add to the computer machine that you are using. The viewer and license work with almost all computer systems and devices.

Please allow one business day to receive the email with the viewing instructions and license installation. The Class binder and Handout materials are licensed to ONE (1) computer with ONE (1) time allowance to print.