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The Civil PE Geotechnical Depth Review course provides comprehensive review of the NCEES topics according to the April 2024 exam syllabus:

  • Soil Mechanics, Laboratory Testing, and Analysis
  • Field Materials Testing, Methods, and Safety
  • Earthquake Engineering and Dynamic Loads
  • Earth Structures
  • Groundwater and Seepage
  • Problematic Soil and Rock Conditions
  • Earth Retaining Structures 
  • Shallow Foundations
  • Deep Foundations


The Civil PE Geotechnical Depth course has a total of 92 hours of lectures, Homework (CBT), Mini-exams (CBT) for each module and a final full 8-hour Simulation Exam (CBT) that includes 80 problems.  A review of the simulation exam solution is provided.

Civil PE Geotechnical Depth Class binder and Handout materials are provided as digital secured documents. Class participants will require to install a special viewer and a license to be able to view the secured documents. The Class binder and Handout materials are licensed to ONE (1) computer with ONE (1) time allowance to print.

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  • Civil PE Geotechnical Webinars

    Registration for the Fall 2024 live webinars is open. 

    • Interactive Live Webinars – 92 hours of instructions.  Please see Class Schedule.
    • Access to Recorded Webinars (8 months access) - CBT Spring 2024 and new recordings Fall 2024 
    • Digital Class Binder – Fundamentals, Examples, MCQ Homework (CBT). See Handout Policies.
    • Mini-Exam for each Module (CBT)
    • Full Simulation Exam (CBT)
    • Access to Ask the Instructor Portal
    • Access to Discussion Forum
    • Free one time repeat - On-Demand (4 months)