Geo Drill

The Civil PE Geotechnical Depth Review course provides comprehensive review of the NCEES Breadth and Depth topics:

  • Project Planning
  • Means and Methods
  • Soil Mechanics
  • Structural Mechanics
  • Hydraulics and Hydrology
  • Geometrics
  • Materials
  • Site Development. Earthwork Construction and LayoutSite Characterization
  • Soil Mechanics, Laboratory Testing, and Analysis
  • Field Materials Testing, Methods, and Safety
  • Earthquake Engineering and Dynamic Loads
  • Earth Structures
  • Groundwater and Seepage
  • Problematic Soil and Rock Conditions
  • Earth Retaining Structures 
  • Shallow Foundations
  • Deep Foundations


The Civil PE Geotechnical Depth course has a total of 118 hours of lectures, Homework (CBT), Mini-exams (CBT) for each module and a final full 8-hour Simulation Exam (CBT) that includes 80 problems (Morning and Afternoon).  A review of the simulation exam solution for the Geotechnical Depth is provided.

Civil PE Geotechnical Depth Class binder and Handout materials are provided as digital secured documents. Class participants will require to install a special viewer and a license to be able to view the secured documents. The Class binder and Handout materials are licensed to ONE (1) computer with ONE (1) time allowance to print.

Assorted Testimonials

  • Civil PE Geotechnical Webinars

    Registration for the April 2024 new CBT exam syllabus is open. 

    • Interactive Live Webinars – 118 hours of instructions.  Please see Class Schedule.
    • Access to Recorded Webinars (8 months access) - CBT Fall 2023 and new recordings Spring 2024 
    • Digital Class Binder – Fundamentals, Examples, MCQ Homework (CBT). See Handout Policies.
    • Mini-Exam for each Module (CBT)
    • Full Simulation Exam (CBT)
    • Access to Ask the Instructor Portal
    • Access to Discussion Forum
    • Free one time repeat - On-Demand (4 months)