I was overall very pleased with your course and wanted to thank you. I really liked the structure of the course and thought it was well thought out. The material was representative of the exam, and felt your availability to answer questions was above and beyond what other courses typically offer. I especially liked the problem solving workshops and how they emphasized problem solving techniques, understanding the process and avoiding common mistakes.
Reynaldo S.
Pomona, CA
Great workbook and class. The materials and support provided by Dr. Ibrahim were phenomenal.  Though the test was intimidating at times, I just referred to Dr. Ibrahim workbook which helped me to answer most questions with ease.
Mehdi N.
Elk Grove, CA
The live webinar along with your workbook was the complete package that allowed me to confidently prepare for the seismic exam. The workbook is organized perfectly for successfully tackling seismic problems. What sets your course apart from other online courses is your dedication to the subject matter, accessibility, one-on-one attention, your love for teaching and your tireless efforts towards the success of your students. The course format was perfect for me with my busy schedule because I was able to study from the convenience of my home. During the exam, I was familiar with most of the problems because your example problems were representative of the actual exam problems.    Ahmed, thank you for the exceptional learning experience and personal attention, which allowed me to not only prepare for the exam, but also better understand the material and gain a new appreciation for the subject. I strongly recommend this webinar and course workbook to anyone who wants to pass the seismic exam in the first attempt.
Tariq M.
Norco, CA
Like many others have said, the class was exceptionally great. Dr. Ibrahim is always willing to help with all his heart. Every single class elements was very helpful and valuable. No exceptions! Workbook is well presented with sufficient information to understand the concepts specifically for the exam and has lots of practice problems. Summary sheet was pretty helpful. Lectures were comprehensive and easy to follow. I sincerely thank Dr. Ibrahim for his endless effort and time.
Hye-Joo Y.
San Francisco, CA
Ahmed, your class worth every penny spent for the review class and more. You are so dedicated and concerned that each candidate pass the examination. I honestly attended the first class not knowing a single thing about seismic design and after several weeks I can proudly say that I understand the basic principles of seismic design of buildings.
Erick G.
Stockton, CA
This course exceeded my expectations and helped me successfully pass the seismic portion of the PE. The On-Demand lectures and book were very well organized, extremely thorough, clear, easy to follow, and included material that was omitted from other seismic courses.  The course also incorporated the required sections from ASCE 7-10, the IBC, and other references. The formula sheets provided were beneficial in efficiently solving problems without having to flip through multiple reference books and standards.  The Adobe system for watching the On-Demand videos was user friendly and easy to navigate as well.  All of that being said what really made this course stand out from the others was Dr. Ibrahim’s attention and care for the students.  Having never met him I felt like I knew him based on his sincere desire for my success.  This was evident in his answering questions, emails to me, and constant encouragement and support.  I highly recommend this course to anyone preparing for the seismic portion of the PE.
Hank W.
Oakland, CA
The exam was effortless for me after having taken Dr. Ibrahim seismic course. There was an abundance of questions to answer that were wide-ranging and the course exams were especially helpful in strengthening my understanding of the material. I reviewed material from another course as well and found the material in this course of better quality and slightly greater difficulty; which I believe is a better preparatory strategy. The material covered all topics necessary to pass the seismic examination and assisted in my time management and familiarity with actual exam conditions. This is hands-down the best course to prepare engineers for the CA seismic exam and help pass the exam on the first attempt.
Zack C.
Redding, CA
Thanks a lot for your wonderful and energetic class. Your explanation coupled with many hands on exercises helped me to understand the concepts and drive home the lessons. It was luckiest decision to take your class after Google search. As instructor you did 100% of your job, now remaining is my part.
Suman S.
Marysville, CA
Ahmed, You prepared me for the seismic exam better than any other review course I have taken. The problem solving webinars  and the many additional hours you gave me one-on-one really helped me understand the concepts and taught me to solve problems efficiently.  Your positive nature and patient teaching kept me going.  I have never felt this positive about my exam preparation.  Thanks Ahmed.
Melissa T.
Vallejo, CA
Excellent seismic review course.  You went above and beyond to not only teach us the fundamentals of seismic design but you ensured that we understood the basic concepts. I am a transportation engineer and by the end of this class I had a clear understanding of seismic design. I am very grateful for your positivity, passion for teaching and constant care.
Nensi L.
San Diego, CA
Dr. Ibrahim is the best instructor I have ever had. I was initially a little apprehensive about taking an online course because I was concerned I wouldn't absorb the material. After the first session, Dr. Ibrahim washed away all those fears! His teaching style and ability to break down difficult subjects made this class truly enjoyable. I felt energized and ready to hit the books every Sunday morning with Dr. Ibrahim. The textbook, class materials, multiple choice questions and practice exams all proved to be invaluable. Dr. Ibrahim helped me reach the highest level of confidence I've ever had going into an exam. There is no class I would recommend more than his webinar!
Asif S.
Los Angeles, CA
I am extremely happy with the way the class was conducted and the instructor Ahmed Ibrahim. Ahmed is not only knowledgeable about the subject matter, but his method of teaching provides great clarity. He strives to make sure that all his students understand the concepts in order to pass the exam. He devotes many hours after class to provide additional help to those who have follow up questions. His unlimited dedication and devotion is rare. I have taken the other more known seismic course before this and it was not until I have taken Ahmed's class that I have a better understanding of seismic. I strongly recommend taking Ahmed ‘s class if anyone wants to pass the seismic exam.
Inthira M.
West Sacramento, CA
Your class was by far the best PE review course I have taken. I appreciate your dedication to my understanding of the concepts and only wish my college professors were as caring as you are.  Thank you Dr. Ibrahim.
Kenneth T.
Yorba Linda, CA
This course was excellent. I am very happy with the amount of time you have spent with us one-on-one in reviewing and answering any questions we have. I have definitely learned a lot. This course is definitely better than other seismic review course I took previously. Thank you Ahmed. You have gone over my expectations of what the course provides. Amazing!.   I will definitely recommend your class to others.
Jane Y.
La Crescenta, CA
This class is one of the best I have taken – ever! It was very thorough, I had never taken a seismic class prior and you broke down the concepts to a manner that was very easy to understand. I felt completely prepared for the exam, thanks to your most excellent instruction.
Ginachi A.
Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Ahmed, the quality of your class was above and beyond my expectations. Your in-depth knowledge of the subject matter, commitment to teaching, patience, dedication, and continuous support are second to none. I learned an enormous amount of new materials in a very short time. The class was not easy and demanding but you made it effective and enjoyable at the same time. I have so many more good things to say about your class and have already recommended your class to my friends . Thank you so very much.
Maryam A.
Santa Barbara, CA
Excellent Course. Provides everything you need to pass the exam. Excellent explanations and very appropriate level of details.   Overall, better than all other courses available in the market based on my personal experience.
Mohammad C.
Fremont, CA
I thought your class was excellent and your effort and style were impressive. Thank you for all the time you have spent, and the additional time you have offered.  Your instruction, content and method are excellent
Doug D.
Riverside, RI
The Class was very thorough. From the detailed introduction of the material and pace of the class, to the example problems and sample exams. Dr. Ibrahim gives you all the tools you need to pass the exam. During the lectures, topics are explained thoroughly, and key concepts are identified and emphasized. The problem solving workshops have step by step hints to guide you through each problem. But for me, the easiest way to learn is to do problems, and this course gives you a ton of problems to solve. Throughout the course, Dr. Ibrahim makes himself available for one-on-one help. I just wanted to thank you for the time and the materials you provided. You made it almost impossible not to do well. I am now a registered P.E., and I have Dr. Ibrahim to thank for it.
Kevin C.
La Mesa, CA
Without all the time you put into the lectures, examples, PSWs, consultation hours, simulated exams and most importantly SUMMARY SHEETS, there is no way I would understand as much as I now do about seismic principles and designs. The summary sheet was an amazing help while practicing and during the exam!!  Unmatched by anything I ever found or created for my first Seismic Principles test.  The textbook is also an amazing resource, well organized and easy to read and follow. It has such an abundance of questions to help study from.  Thank you again for everything you have helped me with throughout the past few months.  Without your dedication, my dedication to the test would have been pointless.
John T.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
FANTASTIC!!.  I took the test once before  taking this class. It was almost as if I studied the wrong materials.  This class helped me out tremendously. I have not received my results yet, but was a lot more confident this time around.  Honestly, without this class, I could have never hoped to pass on my own.
Bryan D.
Placentia, CA
Dr. Ibrahim has been an excellent instructor with a passion for teaching. The pacing of the class was really good with more in-depth explanation of the seismic principles.  The problem solving workshops were an excellent method for teaching the fundamentals and were great reference materials for completing the homework or in the exam.  Thank you for your one-on-one support and for being available any time I needed additional help or further explanations.
Greg K.
Glendale, CA
Thank you so much for all your help, motivation and everything else that you did for me. You exceeded my expectation from this class, from your knowledge of the subject matter, class material and textbook organization, and timing and schedule of the class and weekly consultation, to your responsiveness and availability to answer my questions via emails and text messages. You did not mind going extra miles to ensure our success and passing the exam. Your care, compassion and encouragement towards me and other students in the class are just incredible.
Thienin N.
Elk Grove, CA
I have studied under many professors, yet the skills of Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim to provide delivery of lectures and consultation combined with his textbooks for study of Seismic Principles are unsurpassed. Thanks to his excellent course and exceptional teaching skills, I now have a good and through knowledge of seismic principles.  I highly recommend that anyone who is preparing to take the California Seismic Principles Examination should enlist the service of Ahmed’s class.
David E.
Canton, GA
Thank  you Ahmed for all your efforts in teaching a comprehensive seismic review course. I learned a lot from you and I am really grateful for all the extra time you spent with me to answer my questions and made sure I understood the concept. All the preparation paid off and I have successfully passed the seismic exam. I am very appreciative of all you did to assist me, encourage me and help build my confidence. Thank you so much.
Lauren F.
San Diego, CA
Thank you so much!.  Your guidance and teachings went above and beyond and gave me the confidence I needed to pass the exam!.
Brian L.
Scottsdale, AZ
Thank you so much for a wonderful and very informative class. I took two classes before but no one can beat you for seismic review class and notes. I wish I knew about you before.
Lap N.
Garden Grove, CA
You are one of the best instructors I have ever had in my career. You guided me through every subject/topic and was very patient with my questions. Thank  you for doing what you do - helping people like me progress in their career. This could not be possible without you!!!!! so there's not enough gratitude in the world to Thank you enough.
Sergio A.
Roseville, CA
Great course.  Thank you so much for your help passing the exam.
Gabe L.
San Francisco, CA
The personal attention that I received with the live class was priceless. After attending all the lectures and completing all the homework, I spent two weeks studying using the schedule and technique Dr. Ibrahim recommended. I felt very confident on the day of my exam. Your course was instrumental in my passing the exam. Thank you so much.
Jessica K.
San Francisco, CA
Honestly you couldn't have done any better. I enjoyed the recorded webinars and it was well spent time attending the live webinar for the practice test. Your method of teaching this subject to a layman like myself was perfect. Only reason I feel confident I did well on the exam was because of your course.
Jesus T.
Irvine, CA
Your lectures were amazing! I have and will continue to recommend your course to everyone who might be in search of a great seismic review course. The workshops and homework were very helpful in understanding the subject, which I had zero knowledge of.  Thank you for the great webinars, one-on-one, simulated exams, and for always helping me. You are the best!
Lorena P.
Downey, CA
Thank you for a very good in-depth course. I feel that I am well prepared to pass the exam.
Ryan H.
Yuba City, CA
Great class. You spend a lot of time on us! I will definitely recommend you to anyone that needs help passing the seismic exam. Your explanations are very good.
Roger S.
Huntington Beach, CA
I am really enjoying your class and material. It’s awesome, best I have seen! Your structure is second to none.
Alejandro S.
La Verne, CA
I thought Dr. I. did a fantastic job teaching and explaining the materials. He is so much more than a facilitator. He brings invaluable insight into each subject matter, things to look for, ways to remember key topics.  Thank you for the outstanding class, thorough instruction and great attitude. You are the best of the best.
Jason O.
Albany, MN
This class was absolutely necessary for me to take in order to better understand the subject matter.  The subject matter was presented in a way that even non structural people such as myself can understand.   The material presented in your lectures was explained clearly and I appreciate your time and dedication in helping us to better understand the materials.
Jeanine J.
Vacaville, CA
I have always prided myself as a self-starter, one who could always rise to the challenge on my own and overcome through perseverance and self-reliance. However, in this case, I knew I needed the help of a professional, and as a former teacher, I truly understand teaching excellence and that is Ahmed Ibrahim. The foundational, systematic approach he uses is perfect for understanding both the big picture as well as the many, many calculations associated with these concepts. When it came to learning seismic design and analysis, the cheat sheets and study materials made the process easy. In addition, the flexibility of viewing the class recordings on my own busy schedule as a new father was pivotal in my ultimate success. Thank you for always being available to answer questions, big or small.
Michael L.
San Diego, CA
Great class, well presented by a professional instructor. Ahmed provided me (25 years out of school, Civil Engineering P.E. licensed in a number of eastern states) with a thorough training in seismic analysis. I had to dedicate the time for the classes and the homework while managing a Civil Engineering office. This class gave me the knowledge required to pass. Thank you very much for your great class.
Andrew F.
Highland Mills, NY
I really enjoyed your class. I was never a class room type person because of the interruptions and sidebars that students interject during the lectures. With this type of teaching method, there is no time wasted on traveling to a location. After the class, I can immediately start implementing the lectures into the problems. You also introduced strategy which many instructors do not include in their lectures. Thank  you for your informative class and diligent care for your students
Marco M.
Pinole, CA
I would like to thank you, Ahmed, for one of the most well organized review classes I have ever taken. What makes your class unique and truly different from the rest is the amount of effort and dedication you put into helping all of your students fully understand the materials. Not only that, but you also gave us the tools and strategies in order to learn how to tackle the questions on the exam. The extra free session you gave us aided me in enhancing my problem solving skills and grew my confidence of passing the exam.    I strongly recommend your class to all my colleagues who want to acquire much needed skills to pass such a difficult test
Abeer E.
Lincoln, CA
Dear Ahmed, I found your class to be incredibly detailed and informative. There wasn’t a question that I felt unprepared for after the course. The review book was a complete reference with all the code easily summarized right there for you. I really felt that you offered the best review course – irrespective of the price.
David E.
Solana Beach, CA
Ahmed, I appreciate that you genuinely care about students learning the material and passing the exam. The extra time and effort that you spent was very generous. I believe the class is well worth the cost and that the book is well-written.
Jessica H.
Columbus, OH
I felt confident and prepared for the seismic exam.  The CD simulation exams were insightful of how well I was prepared and which type of problems were my strongest. Thank you for your help in my preparation.
Alma V.
Yucaipa, CA
I liked the course manual very much. It is easy to read, has lots of multiple choice questions similar to those on the test, and very well organized.   You made studying for the seismic exam very easy with your great and simple explanations.  The extra session solving exam problems was excellent. Thanks for the great tips and short cuts to pass the exam.   From my experience with other class on the subject, your class is definitely superior.
Rangina A.
Sacramento, CA
Ahmed, you are very good at this! You build the right foundation and start at the right pace so we are all comfortable with the topic. I really admire your patience and perseverance, and I totally understand that my passing is big credit to you. You totally deserve this credit!. Thank you again for all your help and support.
Ramesh L.
Union City, CA
Your class is excellent. The class and practice exams are in line with the exam. Thanks so much for your class and all your instruction.
Victoria M.
Newbury Park, CA
The knowledge I acquired and the strategy I learned from your webinar sessions helped me pick up the speed to solve more problems and pass the seismic exam easily. I want to thank you for every minute you devoted to help us to understand the concepts and to use a dynamic strategy that worked with the limited exam time.
Mosallam A.
Moreno Valley, CA
The course was excellent, and really helped me prepare for the seismic exam. For someone coming in with no seismic design knowledge, your textbook and lectures were a lifesaver. I honestly don't think I would have passed otherwise. I also appreciate how much you care about your student's success, and you checking in on me throughout the class was very motivating.
Mary C.
Concord, CA
The textbook combined with the workshop problems gave me the confidence I needed. Thank you for sharing your seismic knowledge and the problem solving techniques. Your C3 technique helped me through the course and into the exam: Calm, Collected and Confident.  I would not have passed without your course and the motivation I got from you!
Mohammed F.
Hayward, CA
You are by far, 'the best bang for the buck' course.
Josh F.
Murrieta, CA
Dr. Ibrahim is an excellent instructor. He was always available and patient to answer any questions and made sure that I understood. I can't thank him enough for his effort and time. His textbook is easy to follow and has everything you need to pass the exam. I also recommend his CBT Simulation Exams which sure gives you the overall feeling of the actual exam.
Onur k.
Walnut Creek, CA
Ahmed is an excellent teacher. I had no prior experience with seismic engineering before taking this class. He provided a strong foundation of the fundamental principles. His class is comprehensive and all-inclusive, and he truly cares about the success of his students.
Tim M.
Sacramento, CA
Your program was just excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed the learning process. Thank you Dr. Ibrahim!.  This course presents a totally effective program from the clarity of materials, extremely well organized presentation of topics (both print and lecture), extremely effective example problems, but most important was Dr. Ibrahim personal commitment to success of candidates.  Dr. Ibrahim may be the most effective teacher I have ever met, and totally plays the role of a coach.   Dr. Ibrahim teaches the material and then coaches the candidates on a personal level to ensure success. During the seismic exam,  I  recognized readily every problem on the test, thanks to Dr. Ibrahim's teaching and coaching.
David V.
Littleton, CO
Thank you very much for helping me to pass the seismic exam. Your materials, teaching approach and knowledge helped me to understand the subject in depth. The CBT simulation CD helped me to discover and overcome my weakness. What I appreciate the most is your dedication and encouragement to your students.
Ronald F.
San Diego, CA
You are an unbelievable instructor.  Your passion for teaching is evident from the start. You went above and beyond to make sure we all pass. The dedication and service you provide to your students are priceless. Thank  you very much.
Francisco F.
Los Angeles, CA
Your explanations make seismic principles easier to understand and grasp. I am pleased that you are committed to your students and that you are willing to do whatever it takes to help us pass the exam. Thanks to you, I passed the PE!  Thanks for all your help.
Thoeun Mim D.
Sacramento, CA
Ahmed is one of the most caring professors I have encountered during my courses for licensing. I am really grateful for all the time and effort he provided me after the lectures ended. He has the knowledge and patience to teach seismic materials in a simplified manner. I highly recommend his course.
Helen R.
Sacramento, CA
Dr. Ibrahim,
Just wanted to drop a quick note to thank you for your outstanding course and test prep materials. I was able to pass the seismic exam in January of this year and am now a registered Civil Engineer in CA. Could not have done it without you!
Thank you for your brilliance and contributions to the profession!
Jeff H.
Reno, NV
Thank you so much for your very good class. Your dedication to our success is remarkable, I appreciate your help and feel very confident about the exam. I would not have been even close if it wasn’t for your class.
Kyle P.
San Diego, CA
Dr. Ibrahim, I can't thank you enough for helping me UNDERSTAND seismic analysis and not just blindly solve problems to pass the exam. Thank you for taking the time to explain complex concepts in a simple clever way. Thank you for the extremely helpful book and the summary sheets that were crucial for my success in the exam. Thank you for taking the time to solve hard questions in class and repeating the concepts till everyone understood them. It has been a pleasure being your student. I finally passed my seismic exam and became a PE in CA thanks to your efforts.
Amir T.
Livermore, CA
Dr. Ibrahim, I cannot express my sincere thanks to you for your awesome teaching and just the way you made the seismic engineering one of my favorite subjects now. I loved working with you and doing the exercises. Thanks again for the valuable time you gave to me personally in this exam preparation and making this a very memorable experience.
Sarah Z.
Cherry Hill, NJ
Ahmed, Thank you for your hard work and dedication to helping me achieve success with passing the Seismic Principles Exam. You are an extremely gifted teacher and an inspirational leader. Thank you for encouraging me and always having confidence in my abilities. You have helped made my dream come true!
Stacy G.
Redding, CA
I have taken this test five times, and have also taken several classes to better understand the subject matter. Only after this class, I passed the exam. I cannot say enough about how great this class was. I only wish I have taken this class earlier, and saved myself a lot of money and heartaches. This is hands down the best class available and would recommend it to anyone taking the seismic exam. I do not have any structural background and this class provided me with great understanding of the concepts and test taking tips I needed. Ahmed, I wish there were more teachers out there that had your dedication and commitment to seeing their students achieve. You are truly one of a kind.
Kristen W.
Irvine, CA
The other famous class was good, but Dr. Ibrahim's class is much much better. Thanks again for such a wonderful class. Wish I would've taken it last year!.
Edward W.
Walnut Creek, CA
Unlike other review courses out there; the subject matter approach was to master the fundamentals of the material rather than memorize where to use what formula. Ahmed was a coach and an instructor, always there to explain and encourage. The personal attention paid to each student taking the course was unlike anything I 've ever seen. Simply put, if you are willing to focus and work with Ahmed to learn the seismic analysis of buildings, take this class and feel confident knowing you will be passing the exam. Thanks again Ahmed for all your help.
Ross H.
Chicago, IL
Great class. The textbook and class lessons were thorough and the homework problems were comprehensive. You were extremely invested in the success of each candidate. There was great value in the time you devoted to make yourself available for one-on-one , small group & class discussions. The personalized sessions gave me the confidence I needed to prepare for this exam. I would highly recommend this course to people studying for the seismic exam.
Kathryn D.
San Diego, CA
I'd like to thank Dr. Ibrahim for his constant help and support with the Seismic Principles exam last fall. His thoroughness, dedication and attention to detail about the exam is what helped me pass it the first time through. In my opinion, there is no other seismic preparation course to take on the market, period.
Taki V.
San Francisco, CA
Ahmed is an amazing teacher. I have very little structural background but Ahmed explained everything in a way that was easy to follow and I never felt overwhelmed in the class. The computer based test were also very helpful. I felt very confident coming out of the real exam. I would recommend this class to everyone taking the civil PE!.
Chelsea S.
Sacramento, CA
You have an extraordinary ability to explain concepts in an engaging way, distill information to what we need to know for the exam, and connect with your students. Thank you so much for excellent teaching and profound care for your students.
Connie L.
San Francisco, CA
I really enjoyed your class and I appreciate and understand the way you are explaining the concepts. Your class has given me a lot of “aha” moments when I was able to tie concepts/principles together. The exam “short cuts” were also very helpful and the results speak for themselves. I was well prepared and passed the exam. Your commitment and dedication to the class, your students, always referred to as colleagues, is the best.
Joel T.
Vacaville, CA
Thank you so much for all your help. I couldn't have done it without your webinars, study material and your extra time outside of class. I really enjoyed your class. I have explained it to others as "Seismic for Dummies." I like that there was interaction and office hours. Also, I liked that you had access to everything anytime and the whole time. I took other class before and he limits the amount of time you have to watch the on-demand. It was much better to have the freedom to go back and watch a video or join the live webinar any time. It was really helpful how many practice tests you provided. I will highly recommend your course. Thanks again!! I can't say enough how much I appreciate your course.
Katrina B.
Costa Mesa, CA
Excellent course. The setting although online, I felt like I was sitting in a live classroom. Instructor genuinely cares about the student success. You really went above and beyond.
Ben G.
Chula Vista, CA
Mr. Ibrahim is a very dedicated professor that takes his time to in making sure his students grasp the required knowledge in seismic engineering. I wish I had him during my college years.
Bernardo B.
Dublin, CA
Dear Dr. Ibrahim,
I wanted to let you know that I took the Seismic Exam on April 30 and I just received my results - I passed!
I would like to personally thank you, your class is great and going to the actual exam felt exactly like solving the problems we solved in class and in the homework! I had plenty of time at the end (approx. 30 minutes) to go back and check the 4 questions that I wasn't sure how to answer on the first try.
Thank you again. I will highly recommend your course to everyone. You are one of the best teachers I've ever had and your class is structured extremely well. I'm in the Water/Wastewater field and I went to school in Boston so my seismic background was zero. Your course is the reason I passed and I can't be happier.
Boyana A.
San Diego, CA
Hi Dr. Ibrahim,
I just received notice that I passed the seismic exam (and final one) to officially obtain my PE license in California. I wanted to give you a big thank you for the course because it was very thorough and I felt confident coming out of the exam. I will definitely recommend the AEI course to colleagues in the future. All the best!
Brayon R.
Santa Clarita, CA
I want to inform you that I took the exam in late August and have passed the CA Seismic Exam and finally achieved becoming a licensed PE. I want to thank you for all your hard work putting together this excellent course, keeping the videos engaging and answering my homework questions via email. I have never taken a seismic course prior and the concepts were well broken down and easy to understand. I felt confident and well prepared for the exam. This course was very enjoyable where I looked forward to learning everyday and felt more educated afterwards. This was a rewarding experience for me and I will recommend this course to my friends and colleagues. This course was recommended by my college friend and it did not disappoint.
Kevin L.
San Francisco, CA
Dr. Ibrahim"
I just wanted to thank you for this wonderful course. The information was very well presented and covered. The exam strategy tips at the end along with the practice exams were extremely valuable. I passed the exam and have finally received my PE license thanks to this course. This is my 3rd time taking this exam. (The first 2 times that I took the seismic exam, I took the in-person course with anohter vendor, which was 8 hr sessions on Sundays. That being said, I liked your on demand course much better for how the information was presented. Outstanding.)
Thank you again,
Jennifer K.
Alameda, CA
Hello Professor Ibrahim,
I passed the exam , I cannot thank you enough, as I mentioned before, we can never return your favors at all, your sacrifice and dedication are remarkable to the US civil and structural engineering society. Young engineers are blessed to have you around.
Amirpasha F.
Houston, TX
I wanted to take this opportunity and appreciate your amazing class and the way you present materials. I am very pleased that I took your On-Demand Seismic class and I passed the exam in the first attempt. I received my results today and I passed. I had no background in Seismic or Structure but still your class prepared me way above what I needed to pass. Thank you very much for all your hard work. Please keep up the great work.
Omid I.
Carmichael, CA
Just wanted to share great news that I found out this morning that I passed my seismic exam!!!!
I truly could not have passed without your course and your dedication in helping people pass this exam. 
I was really nervous because it took me a couple attempts to pass the 8-hr national PE exam and I knew seismic would be a very difficult exam. But you walked through all the fundamentals in a comprehensible way that made me feel really confident going into the exam.
I have been recommending your course to everyone because it truly is the Gold Standard for this seismic exam. So thank you very much. 
Joyce L.
San Francisco, CA
Dr. Ibrahim. I wanted to thank you deeply for your invaluable teachings and guidance. Your course was not only instrumental in learning the material, but it also completely changed the way in which I approach test taking in general. Before taking your class, I had no exposure to Seismic. Last week, I took the exam and I was notified today of successfully passing it. From the bottom of my heart I want to express my deepest gratitude and thank you for your excellent course!
Samuel G.
West Covina, CA
Dr. Ahmed, I have no words to describe how Thankful I am to you and especially to your teaching skills. You take care and make sure all students are understanding the concept. I went into the exam pretty confident and exit knowing that I would certainly pass the exam. I felt like I got 80-85% questions correct. Two weeks ago, I found out that I had PASSED my Seismic exam. All credit goes to your excellent teaching skills and study material. Your 3 CBT exams are top notch and I think they were the game changer for me. Keep up the good work! I strongly recommend your class to anyone who is either familiar or not with seismic at all. Thank you again!!
Mohit C.
Fremont, CA
Hello Professor,
I'm happy to say I got a notification last night that I passed the Seismic exam! Thank you for your instruction and guidance that prepared me for this success.
I also wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience I had completing this course. I previously completed another Seismic course, which was not well put together and did not prepare me adequately for the exam. I had signed up for that course thinking you were the instructor and decided to stick with it when I realized that wasn't the case anymore, but that ended up being a huge waste of my time and money (and a huge source of frustration). I dreaded the thought of having to spend months completing a whole other course to prepare myself for the exam, but this course made studying as painless as it could be. The lecture videos and materials are extremely thorough and helpful and I truly feel like I was ready for my exam this time.
Thank you again,
Emma S.
Los Angeles, CA
Your class was amazing. You really cared about each and every student, and that made the largest difference. I appreciated all of the practice problems you gave during class, and how clear you were in breaking down all of the topics pertinent to the exam. I do believe the problems you gave us were harder than the ones on the exam, which was helpful since it made the exam seem easy. And even some of the trick ones were on it! Thank you so much for your congratulations. It really does mean a lot
Dianna B.
Sun Valley, CA
I just received my passing notification result. I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart on your teachings and the review course you are a part of. It was the deciding factor in me being able to pass this exam. The review course truly offered the necessary tools and preparation needed for me to be able to go into the exam with the confidence, knowledge of the subject matter and the strategy which ultimately resulted in a passing grade. I will be an advocate to your review course. Lastly, my deepest appreciation and respect for your help and availability, even while you were on vacation. Truly one of my best professional experiences thus far.
Ricardo T.
Fontana, CA