Professor Ibrahim

I wanted to reach out to let you know that I PASSED the exam.

I cannot put into words how appreciative I am for the entire team at AEI, but in particular, yourself. I am grateful for your willingness to help and meeting with me a couple weeks ago and providing your guidance and recommended tactics on how I should approach this exam this time around. I executed as we discussed and the result speaks for itself.

Thank you again for pushing me to take the exam one last time before it changed on April 1st. It was the best decision.

Will M., Brooklyn, NY
Will M.
Brooklyn, NY
Dr. Ibrahim:

I want to thank you for providing such a great service to the Civil Engineering community. I studied with the AEI PE Structural Depth course, and just found out that I passed the exam, first attempt. You, sir, were a big part of my success and I sincerely thank you for that! Your lectures and professionalism inspire me to want to be a better Engineer. Thank you!

Efren T., Cedar Park, TX
Efren T.
Cedar Park, TX
Ahmed, I passed!
Thank you so much for your advice, guidance, and knowledge throughout our studying. I couldn't have done it without the help of AEI team!!
Bradley C.
Jessup, MD
I wanted to write to thank both of you! I Passed my civil structural PE
on my first try!! I am so happy!
I think your class prepared me excellently. I felt confident in my
answers, and your advice and binder were my most used resource in the test.
The test this round was really hard, I walked in extremely confident,
and I left the exam unsure if I would pass. I knew how to do a lot of
the questions, but there were a few I was unsure of what they were
I hung in there with it though, and followed your advice and tips on how to take
the exam, and came out on top. I think the course you offer is the best
out there for structural folk. I look forward to taking the S.E. courses
with AEI!
Aaron H.
Greenville, AL
Dear Ahmed,
Want to share the news that I passed my PE Civil exam, got my result yesterday. My sincere thanks to you and all faculty at AEI institute.
Definitely, it would not be possible for me to achieve this without your teaching course and guidance.
Thank you again.
Ashish G.
Winter Garden, FL
I sincerely thank you both for your instruction and additional assistance over the past several months. From the reference print-outs to the exam tips lecture, your course helped me feel as prepared as I could be to tackle some tricky curve balls during the exam. I will certainly hope for the best when results come out, but I wanted to extend my sincerest gratitude in the meantime.
Jennifer M.
New York, NY
The AEI offers a comprehensive breadth section for the PE Civil exam takers. I enjoyed attending the lectures as the instructors knew the material very well. The course is aimed at covering all the diverse topics with the right amount of detail needed for the exam. The class notes and examples were extremely helpful and informative. I am thankful to all the instructors for their help and great support inside and outside the classroom
Hussam A.
Raleigh, N.C
This course is excellent. Instructors have provided an excellent reference binder and very helpful classes. The course provides excellent and straightforward guidance for preparing for the exam. Thank you, AEI, for your sincere efforts.
Amira A.
Folsom, CA
Thank you very much Dr. Ahmed for your outstanding efforts. The PE Breadth course was excellent, especially in helping to narrow the focus of what I should be studying to be ready for the PE exam and helping with summary sheets and notes, shortcuts to specific types of questions. I have already recommended AEI to others and will continue to do so.
Seerwan A.
Sacramento, CA
The AEI breadth course was very comprehensive, well organized and well-conceived. It offered a lot of practice problems, in class quizzes, timed mini exams and summary sheets. Instructors were clear, knowledgeable and always available to answer any questions. All instructors went above and beyond to prepare me for the exam. This course really exceeded my expectations; I would definitely recommend it.
Marian A.
Chicago, IL
Your review course not only allowed me to pass, but strongly reinforced my understanding of fundamental structural engineering concepts as well.  
I highly recommend the AEI 8-Hr Structural Depth Review Course to anyone looking for a success-proven and highly rated review course.
Ilias G.
Oklahoma City, OK
Dr. Ibrahim and Dr. Zayati are excellent teachers and their binders are very very good. Pretty much all you need to pass.
Gamal E.
Detroit, MI
I give a 5 star rating on AEI PE (structural) lectures. Your handouts are really detailed and helpful. Besides, the homework practice problems and mini-exams for each chapter, as well as a simulated practice exam two weeks before the exam date, were really helpful on exam day.
Dr. Ibrahim and Dr. Zayati are really professional and responsive. I can email them questions at any time and usually get their answers on the next day.
I highly recommend the PE Structure Depth lectures by AEI.
Bowen S.
Cary, NC
Quite honestly I don't think there are better instructors than Dr. Ibrahim and Dr. Zayati for structural. I took a lot of classes out there for structural depth (Civil PE) and you guys not only had the best materials, you had the patience and interest to present the materials. Looking forward to the Lateral and Vertical classes with you.”
FYI,  Dr. Zayati's summary notes for concrete and steel, as well as Dr. Ibrahims wood and masonry, is what I use as reference every time in the office, not to mention in the exam.
Oved M.
Penitas, TX
Dr. Ibrahim & AEI Instructors, I just got my PE license today! I want to thank you for all your help and dedication to teaching. The videos, PDF notes, and mini-exams helped me pass the PE exam easily. Now I'm ready to tackle the SE for April.
Jacob S.
Arlington, MA
Dr. Ibrahim,
I passed the PE Civil Structural exam and it was all with the help of you and AEI team! My
weakness on the exam was the afternoon portion and after going through the course videos,
homework, mini-exams and practice exam, I felt confident when I left the test site. The binders
were amazing, I hardly had to look through the actual code books unless it was a one off
question. Please continue to teach with so much passion and make the material so easy to
Jim L.
Dayton, OH
Hello Dr. Ibrahim,
I am very happy to let you know that I passed PE exam. this would not have been possible without your notes and lectures. Thought to let you know. thanks again. will come back again for SE course next year.
Jeevan R.
Chicago, IL
Dear Dr. Ahmed,
I would like to share with you that I received a notice from NCEES this week that I passed the PE Civil Structural exam. The course I took with AEI was more than what I needed. I felt I was overprepared. There were only two or three questions that I wasn't sure about.
Thank you very much for such a great course.
Hussein S.
N.Y, N.Y
Hi Professor Ibrahim,
I passed!!
This was my second time taking the test and I really liked this review course. Specifically, I liked
the amount and the difficulty level of the problems given for hw, the online quizzes, and the
practice test. I've found with other review courses that the practice problems are far too in depth
for what we'd see on the test. Or they covered things that I wouldn't need to know for the test
(particularly for the breadth exam).
Additionally, I feel like your review course did the absolute best job of preparing me for the
afternoon exam. Previous courses always seemed to focus so much on the breadth and then rush
through the depth. But with AEI I truly felt as prepared as I could be for the depth exam.
I definitely would not have been able to pass without this review course. Thank you so much.
Emily C.
Lakewood, OH
Dear Professor Ibrahim,
I am glad to share the news with you that I have passed my PE exam. The course with AEI helped me a lot to understand the scope of the exam and prepare for the new CBT format. You made it easier to understand and follow. This was my first attempt and I was able to clear it.
The binders are really good and will be helpful for a long time. Thanks for all your help!
Aman G.
Oklahoma City, OK
Thank you for your support Dr. Ibrahim. With you and AEI help I am happy to say I passed the
PE exam. This was my third time taking the exam and after taking other courses in the past I
know for sure AEI was the best
Jamal C.
Miami, FL
Dr. Ahmed/ Dr. Foued:
I wanted to thank you both from the bottom of my heart for the amazing work you've done with AEI courses. I've struggled with this exam since October 2019 taking two different vendors, twice each time, and still didn't pass.
The exam tips and strategies were a spot on. I was able to finish the morning portion in under 2.5 hours and had enough time for the depth. 
I couldn't express to both of you how your illustrations are so comprehensive. I was able to recall the little details and explanation you two had provided. 
Thank you again to both of you . I will definitely recommend AEI for my colleagues or friends. I will see you in the Seismic Class and future SE classes. 
Much love and appreciation.
Mohamed B.
Anaheim, CA
Thank you very much for the class. I utilized almost all of the resources and I received my passing result! Can’t thank you enough as a second time test taker
Austin B.
Jupiter, FL
I would like to thank you for the content and teaching the PE Structural Depth. The class was very very good and I feel I am a better engineer after taking it.
I passed the PE exam first try and I had you to thank for that.
Mohamed F.
Calgary, AB
Hello Dr. Ibrahim,
I would like to say a huge thank you for the class. I passed the PE Structural exam on my first try
this past October, and I had question after question that were directly covered in the material for
the AEI course. I believe above all else the greatest benefit that AEI gave me was a pattern for
how to take the test. I moved through the test leaving the tough problems for the last in both
sessions. At the end of the morning portion, I was confident I had fared well. The afternoon
portion was pretty much exactly as AEI described it would be.
I am already planning to take AEI's SE Vertical class later next year, and I am really looking
forward to learning from your team again. Also, I am encouraging friends to study with AEI.
You guys are awesome!
Andrew M.
Decatur, GA
Dear Professors:
I passed my exam! Thank you, the course was awesome and it really helped the structural depth section and better my understanding of the various manuals! “
Ryan W.
Hoboken, NJ
Dr Ibrahim and Dr Zayati
I wanted to let you know that I passed the PE exam! This was the second time I took the exam, and this time I felt much more prepared.
Additionally, I just want to thank you both for all your help and the program that you have created. I have used a few different prep courses in studying for the exam, and felt like I learned the most from the two of you. What I learned was not just about the material presented but how best to approach the questions and the exam as a whole.
I just wanted you to know that I really do appreciate all the work and time that you have put into this program. It helped me tremendously. I have already been recommending your program to my colleagues and former classmates. Thank you again
Sharyn F.
Philadelphia, PA
Dr. Ibrahim and Dr. Zayati,
I just wanted to send a thank you for offering your class and for updating it specifically for the CBT version. I just got the results that I passed! (after failing the last P&P exam Oct. 21)
I am a design engineer in Seattle and only started working in structural after getting my M.S. last June. Prior to that I worked in residential land development for 4 years where I mostly did stormwater drainage design. Thanks to your class I was much more confident going into the exam and had a much better strategy for studying and test taking.
Thanks and good luck with future classes!
Anna S.
Seattle, WA
Prof. Ibrahim, Prof. Zayati,
I would like to take a moment and thank you both and AEI team for the PE training and continuous support. I appreciate AEI team going above and beyond and trying to help students in anyway you can. It has been a good journey with you all, I personally felt that, I not only got good PE training but also, I am better at technical than before. The least I could do is to refer my family and friends who are planning to take PE or SE.
Mohammed K.
Tulsa, OK
I want to take the time to thank you and your team. I found out yesterday that I passed the PE Civil CBT Structural exam! I have taken this test 4 times (3 paper and 1 CBT) and have taken other courses, and AEI is by far the best to prepare for the structural afternoon session. All the topics you guys cover has showed up on one of my 4 exams. The CBT I was very prepared for and you guys covered 100% of the exam, maybe not directly in some instances but it was at least talked about in your course.
I have already recommended your course to future test takers. Thank you guys again!
Kyle M.
Abingdon, MD
I have passed the PE exam in MN, got the results late on Friday.
Thank you for all the video recordings, mini exams, homework problems and Full exams. I have followed everyone of them very carefully and I passed. I will definitely take AEI for my SE exam in 1-2 years
Sai Y.
Minneapolis, MN
Hi Dr. Ibrahim,​

I discovered last week that I did pass the exam on my first try.​

I credit AEI's course with my success. The notes, summary sheets, and volume of examples and
practice problems allowed me to refresh my knowledge and thoroughly understand the topics
that I was not as familiar with. Additionally, I appreciated the ability to speed up the videos. It
allowed me to make up the time I used when pausing at the example problems so I could work
them out on my own first.
Thank you for offering this service. I have recommended it to my friends and colleagues even
prior to learning that I had passed the exam.
Natalia S.
Washington, DC
Thank you very much Prof. Ibrahim
I am so grateful to you and AEI Institute for your exceptional guidance and continued support to help me succeed in this exam. You are such an inspiration to me.
Velvizhi K.
Cary, NC
Professor Ahmed,
I took PE classes with AEI and wrote the exam this Oct. I would like to share the news that I
passed the Florida PE exam! Thank you for your efforts and support.
Snehal S.
Tampa, FL
Professor Ibrahim,
I finally passed after this second time taking it. I owe my improvement on this second go-round to AEI course. Thank you for all the help over the past few months.
Michael K.
Philadelphia, PA
I received the news that I passed the exam. I really enjoyed the class and found it very helpful in
my study plan. I also used another school to assist in the breadth portion of the exam, but I will
never suggest it to any of my peers because of how much I learned from AEI. The structural
depth was thorough and well organized.
Joseph M.
Memphis, TN
Hello Ahmed
Received my result. I Passed.
Thank you so much. You are the best teacher.
Narjis A.
Ellicott City
Dr. Ahmed,
Thank you for such a great course. I was able to pass with big thanks to the material I studied in
the binder provided by AEI. I think it is the best course for Structural depth and I will be using
AEI for the CA. seismic exam very soon.
Abrahim Y.
Orange, CA
I wanted to share with you the good news, I passed the PE exam. I wouldn't make it without your great course and materials that not just helped me pass the exam but also improve my engineering skills.
Thank you so much,
Ali Y.
Sacramento, CA
Dr. Ibrahim,
I just wanted to say thank you for all of the hard work you put into teaching the structural PE
course. With it, I was finally able to pass the October exam and now I can move forward. I
wouldn't have been able to do it without you guys!
Joshua F.
Bossier, LA
Dear Professor Ibrahim and Professor Zayati,
I am writing this email to inform you that I have successfully passed the PE exam and I would not have been able to do it without your help. I graduated college in 2019 and I do not have any experience when it comes to structural design, yet I left the exam room feeling ecstatic as I knew then that I did very well. I was going to follow your exam strategy advice to work on the easy questions first to build up confidence but to my surprise, I did not need to skip a question until after Question 11. That’s how well you have prepared me, and I really thank you both for it.
Erwin D.
San Diego, CA
Dr. Ibrahim,
I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I passed my Civil PE Construction exam last week.
I've been working towards this for over 2 years. I started out with structures depth, but I was unsuccessful. I then switched to construction depth and took AEI construction depth course . I worked hard and finally came out on top passing with an hour left to spare on exam day.
I just wanted to thank you and your team for developing a structured course. It kept me on track while studying.
Jack P.
Augusta, WV
Dr. Ibrahim & Dr. Zayati,
I can not thank you both enough. I have received my PE results and have passed the Exam.
Your binder was a life saver and allowed me to solve the exam with only having to skip a few
problems in the afternoon.
Your course was one of my best investments and I wish you both all the best.
Austin E.
Westminster, CA
Got the results back and passed. The review course was extremely helpful for the exam. The course material was very helpful in consolidating where to find required information. I was able to figure out a majority of problems with out digging into codes unlike my previous experience. I finished both morning and afternoon early. Glad I took the course. I have already recommended it to one person and happy to continue to do so.
Anthony P.
Brighton, MA
Hello Dr Ibrahim
I took the exam last week and received the results yesterday. I passed. Thank you for your comprehensive course and study materials. Those helped me a lot.
Thank you again for helping me pass the national exam. I would definitely recommend your classes to everyone I know who is planning to study for PE Civil Construction.
Kaveh A.
Woodland, CA
I received the great news that I passed my exam. AEI course definitely helped with the afternoon
portion of the test and would recommend it to anyone taking the structural PE exam.
Thanks a lot!
Alexandra O.
Miami, FL
Dr. Ibrahim,
Thank you for your help. I was able to pass the exam using the resources you provided. May God bless you! Thanks,
Abraham D.
Atlanta, GA
I just wanted to let you know that I passed the PE Civil Exam.
I enjoyed this course. All the instructors did a great job. Many of these topics I studied while attaining my engineering degree. Not only did this course provide an in-depth review of them but it also introduced some new concepts that were not covered in the courses that I took in college. Some of these topics were new to me and I had never studied them. The course covered these topics well enough that not only did it prepare me for the exam, but it also provided me with additional knowledge that I will be able to use in my engineering career.
Zachary L.
Sylvania, GA
On a great day… Illinois just released results today and I passed the PE Civil Structural exam!
Couldn’t have done it without the help I received from AEI.
Overall, I found the lectures to be very comprehensive. The instructors were all very
knowledgeable and easy to understand. Probably the best resources were the binders for the
morning and afternoon sessions. The last positive I really appreciated was the website
organization. It was very easy to find lectures, reference material, and practice quizzes on the
AEI dashboard.
Eric F.
Chicago, IL
Dr. Ibrahim,
I wanted to let you know I passed PE Structural Exam! I wanted to thank you for your course which prepared me. I really appreciate what you did so much!!!
You do an amazing work to prepare future engineers and I thank you and AEI team with all my heart!!!
Kristina A.
Cooper City, FL