I'd like to thank you for organizing such a great review class. I deeply appreciate your dedication and effort on the SE Lateral classes for (12+) Saturdays and on Q & A sessions for another (12+) Tuesdays.  Your class was informative and valuable.  Especially, plenty of exercise examples and homework problems were valuable for daily practice at my work as well as for the exam preparation. On Day 2 of the SE Exam,  I was calm and confident.  I would recommend your review class to any engineer serious about passing the 16 hour SE exam.
Leigh Y.
Los Angeles, CA
I passed the SE lateral exam this time! Just want to thank you both for the amazing lectures. I will definitely recommend  AEI to people who want to prepare the SE exams
Dejian X.
Cherry Hill NJ
I’d like to sincerely thank both of you for your fantastic SE lateral review course this past exam cycle.I passed the lateral this time around, on my third try.I previously passed the vertical, and failed the lateral twice, mostly from poor performances in the morning.This time I answered 39/40 question in the morning on my first pass through, and picked up the last one once I realized I was over analyzing it.The afternoon I finished in about 2.5hours and was super confident.I’d especially like to thank you for your help in Seismic Analysis/Wind Analysis/Concrete and Steel.I came out of your class confident I truly understood the material at a fundamental level.
I’m 100% happy with the decision to go with you guys.I used my AEIbinder for almost everything!Thanks so much!
Sean M.
Littleton CO
I got my building lateral exam result today and thanks to you I passed! I am very excited (I had passed my vertical exam before). This lateral exam was a repeat for me and I owe this success to your great course. I took the entire week before the exam off from work and went through the entire coursebook, assignments and exams once more and it definitely paid off! 
Farzin H.
Cary NC
I am beyond pleased to announce that I have passed both portions of the SE Exam!I want to thank you both for all the hard work you put into me and everything you taught me.I truly feel I have learned more from yourcourse then I did in my whole Masters degree.You guys are doing a great thing for all of us out there and doing it way better than any class/teacher available.
Again I cannot thank you enough for sticking with me thru all of this.I wish you boththe very best and I hope we can stay in touch.
I cant thank you enough for all you have done for me.
Will M.
Chicago, IL
Foued and Ahmed,
Great news!! I passed the exam! I could have not done this without you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thanks for making me a better structural engineer.
Zaida M.
Chicago, IL
My passing result on the SE Lateral (Bridges) exam is a reflection of the high quality course material, thorough presentation and tireless dedication by both Ahmed and Foued. I am tremendously grateful for their efforts which contributed to my success on this exam. I wish that this course was offered when I first began taking the SE Lateral exam years ago, but it has been well worth the wait. I am confident that anyone who aspires to achieve their SE license, puts in the effort asked by this course and its instructors, will receive a passing score. This course is hands down the best preparation for the 16-hour SE examination that I have seen to date. I highly encourage future SE examinees to seriously consider your review course.
Justin M.
Harrisburg, PA
I just got my results today and I passed the vertical exam so I’m officially an SE! I could not have done it without your course! I just wanted to reach out and thank both of you for putting together such an amazing class and giving us so much of your time to teach us. I’m a much better engineer than I was before taking your course. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I will and have been referring your course to anybody that will listen. I hope you’re both doing well and staying safe.
Kevin S.
Little Ferry NJ
Ahmed and Foued,
I have passed my SE exam! Your class is rigorous and requires a dogged determination, but it is full of all the information to inspire both confidence and the ability to pass this exam.  I cannot thank you both enough.
Paul M.
Cary VA
Taking your review class for the SE Lateral Exam was the best decision I made! For me, passing the test without the help of both instructors would have been much harder. I really appreciated the personal time and effect they both invested in me to understand the test material at a basic level and not just to plug and chug problems. The numerous homework, workshop and test example problems were very thorough and invaluable! I would highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to pass the SE Exam.
Michael B.
Mechanicsburg, PA
I wanted to inform you that the TX SE results came out today and thankfully I received an "acceptable" result. This was my fourth time taking the exam and your class made all the difference in the world. I truly appreciate all your help and encouragement along the way.    Thank you very much.
Jared B.
Dallas TX
I just wanted to send along that I passed (Bridge lateral)! I can’t thank you both enough for all of your hard work and effort. I can say with absolute certainty that I would not have come close to passing without your teaching. I will definitely be recommending your class to anyone that will listen. I appreciate everything you both do to not only help us to pass the test but (more importantly) to also make us better engineers. Thank you again!
Jordan W.
Freehold NJ
It was the best online course I have ever attended. It is well thought out and very well organized course. Drs. Ibrahim and Zayati are very knowledgeable and have practical experience that matters a lot when one is preparing for SE examination. I always received one-one attention during and after-class. My questions were always promptly answered. The homework problems and simulation exams were very valuable in pinpointing areas of my weaknesses. Class notes were a real time saver during the examination. I highly recommend this course to anyone considering to prepare for this examination.
Faheem A.
Charleston, WV
Ahmed, Foued, 
I am happy to report that I was successful in passing the Building Vertical this October. This past exam in addition to passing the Building Lateral in April means I am done with these two grueling exams. 
I want to offer my thanks to each of you for your excellent teaching of the subject matter. Not only did it help with passing the exams it has made me a better engineer in practice. I will recommend any of my colleagues who plan to take the exams in the future to take the course taught by you both through AEI. 
Thank you again! And best wishes to you both!
Cody M.
Green Island, NY
Dr. Zayati and Dr. Ibrahim,
Just found out my results and I passed!!
A big part of that was your lateral class, I will definitely be recommending AEI to all future SE test takers.
Anthony W.
Manhasset NY
You two are my heroes. I really appreciate your effort and help to achieve this milestone in my life. The class and handouts were outstanding and I saved a lot of time preparing for the SE exam using this class. I highly recommend this class to anyone preparing for the SE exam.
Byoungsok S.
Oakland, CA
Just received my results and I passed!!!  Couldn't have done it without the AEI course I took.
Michael W.
Lakewood, CO
Hello Dr. Ibrahim & Dr. Zayati,
I passed the lateral exam! Thank you very much to all your help, expertise and dedication. I truly appreciated and enjoyed your classes. I also learned a lot of things.
God bless to both of you!
Erwin P.
Tarzana CA
I am grateful to both of you for offering such an extraordinary and unmatched in depth structural examination review course. Not only did it steer me to my Structural Engineering license, but the technical material provided will go a long way towards my professional development. Both instructors (Ahmed and Foued) are technically savvy and have in depth knowledge of structural engineering. Thank you for the excellent contribution to the profession.
Muhammad S.
Corona, CA
Dr. Zayati and Dr. Ibrahim, 
I found out this afternoon that I passed the SE Vertical. Thanks to both of you for the comprehensive review during the class. 
Josh D.
Lyman SC
Hi Dr. Ibrahim,
I wanted to preface this by telling you that I did end up passing the S.E. Lateral portion, despite the odds.
Thank you so much for both your helpful instruction during the course and for your words of encouragement when times were difficult. It gave me a resolve that helped me carry on, continue studying and take the exam. I don't believe I could have done it without that encouragement and without your and Dr. Zayati's assistance.
I am eternally grateful for that.    Best and well wishes
Rick W.
Milford CT
Overall, I thought the class was very good. I appreciated the extra time that was put in by both instructors. Thanks for all of your help and teaching. It definitely was worthwhile.
Matthew R.
Atlanta, GA
Dr. Zayati/Dr. Ibrahim,
I am so excited to share you that I passed the Vertical module of SE exam. I will be registering for the Lateral class.   Thank you very much for your guidance throughout the class.
Anup A.
Fayetteville, NC
Ahmed and Foued,
Holy cow, I passed the SE! It was my first time taking the lateral bridge portion. There is no way I could have done this without you guys, I'm forever grateful.
Braden C.
Minneapolis MN
Hi Dr. Ahmed, Dr. Foued,
I am so excited to tell you I passed the Vertical Session on my 2nd try!!!
Thank you for all your time, education and patience during my study.
I am heading to the Lateral part next April and will register the for your class asap. 
Really appreciate !
Olivia X.
Kissimmee FL
Dr. Ibrahim and Dr. Zayati, 
I wanted to thank you both for teaching an excellent SE review class for the October exam. I felt extremely prepared and found out today I got acceptable results. I can tell you put a lot of effort into the class to make it comprehensive. The class really focuses on the exam topics and types of questions. As good as it was, I am glad I don’t have to take it again! Thank you again for an excellent class! I will absolutely recommend your class for anyone else taking the SE.
Bill Y.
Centennial CO
I am delighted to announce to you that I have passed both the SE Vertical and Lateral Exams. I don't even have the right words to express my happiness. I kept refreshing the NCEES online portal to ensure it was not an optical illusion.
It has been an arduous journey but the end product is very rewarding. Far beyond my success on the exam, I believe my greatest satisfaction comes from the transformation I have undergone during this process.
Your review courses were pivotal in my understanding of the structural engineering fundamentals, my introduction to seismic analysis and design, and so many other valuable lessons which will stick with me for the rest of my career. I honestly do not even know how to thank you for being such bright spots in my life, for believing in me and encouraging me no matter the circumstances.
Ilias G.
Oklahoma City, OK
I walked out and immediately realized, though, that I had made a few mistakes.  However, I was just notified that I passed the exam.  Thank you so much your help.  I had previously taken a review course from other vendor and was very disappointed.  The AEI course was excellent and I have been (and will continue) to recommend it to my colleagues who are pursuing SE licensure.
Jason D.
Gardner KS
I really enjoyed your course and methodology. From what I can gather, your class is the best SE course to choose from. Special thanks to Dr. Zayati and Dr. Ibrahim. Your teaching of the SE review course is a great service to the community.
Darrel P.
Vacaville, CA
Dr. Ibrahim/Dr. Zayati,
I wanted to inform you both that I passed the SE exam (lateral)! I passed vertical in April already. It was my first attempt, and I owe much credit to your guys' class. Thank you so much for the resources and excellent lectures provided
Ezra H.
Leawood KS
I am happy to report that I passed both the Vertical and Lateral portions of the SE exam! Thank you for all of your time and help, I wouldn't have passed without your excellent review course and all of the study materials that were included. They were my primary resource while studying and taking the exam. I would recommend your class to anyone who is interested in passing this test. Thank you again for putting out such a great product!
Tom C.
Danbury, CT
Hello Dr. Ibrahim and Dr. Zayati,
I just got notification from NCEES that I passed. Finally, it is over now.
Thank you for your great lectures.  I have really enjoyed your lectures and learned a lot things from you. Without taking your lectures, I wouldn't pass.
I would definitely recommend the AEI lectures to my colleagues.  Happy holidays
Jongmin S.
Chicago, IL
I owe a big thanks to both Dr. Ibrahim and Dr. Zayati for preparing me for the SE examination. There is no way I would have been able to pass these tests without this course. I enrolled in both the SE Lateral and SE Vertical review courses not knowing much about many of the topics that are covered on the exam. I also don’t do structural design of buildings very often, so I definitely didn’t come into taking this exam with the needed expertise to pass. Choosing to enroll in both of these review courses was the best decision I could have made. Both instructors are very knowledgeable on all the topics covered in the exam and are extremely dedicated to having each enrollee understand the material. The review material provided with the course served as an almost one-stop shop for reference used on the test. The example problems provided throughout the course provide a great representation of the actual questions that are on the exam. Even for me, with all the odds against me, I was able to pass both exams on the first try with the help of these courses. Because of this, I would highly recommend both of these courses for anybody wanting to pass this difficult test. If you put in the time to study on top of the review course time, you will have a great chance to succeed on the exam. Best of luck to anyone thinking about taking this exam and thank you again!
Douglas M.
Corona, CA
Foued, Ahmed,
I passed the lateral exam on my first try thanks to your class. I was able to pass the vertical section in April with your class. Thank you both so much for the time you spent on making such a great class. Your reference manual alone is much better than the other manuals, and the class format is better than anything else out there. Thanks to the both of you, I never have to study for the SE exam again.
Andrew K.
Anaheim, CA
Thank you for being such good lecturers. You have given me a huge amount of information that helped me to pass the SE exam !   I really value you in so many ways because without having your notes and lectures, the exam will be more and more difficult.  Thank you for your patience to answer all my questions and to reply to all my emails.
Zaid A.
Just thought I would let you know I passed the lateral component! It's finally over. What a challenging exam.
I want to thank you guys. Your course is awesome and super comprehensive. I will recommend to colleagues.
John P.
Just wanted so say a quick thank you for your time and effort in helping me become a licensed SE. The class was very helpful and I would recommend to anyone I know who is getting ready to take the test.
Coco L.
Austin, TX
I received my SE exam results this afternoon and I am happy to report that I received an "acceptable" score.
I just wanted to thank both of you for teaching the AEI course. It was extremely helpful and directly correlated to my passing score.
Thanks again!!
Josh P.
Indianapolis IN
I received the results for the SE. I am incredibly happy to say I passed both exams. I have to give AEI a ton of credit for all the material provided for each exam. The practice problems, quizzes, and practice exams really prepared me for each day, morning and afternoon. The binders will always have a spot on my work shelf. You can count on me to refer my colleagues to AEI for SE exam preparations.
Wesley S.
Sacramento, CA
I hope this is one of many emails you get about people from AEI passing their exams. I got my acceptable Lateral results in today. Now I am relieved to be all finished.
I took both vertical and lateral with AEI, and I couldn't be more thankful for taking the courses. They were immensely helpful. I really appreciate Dr. Ibrahim and Dr. Zayati for doing such a thorough course and helping us pass the exams.
Eric B.
Bellevue, WA
Dr Zayati and Dr Ibrahim,
I wanted to let you know that I passed the SE Vertical and Lateral exams (Bridges) on the first try after taking your AEI courses. I am the first person on my team at work to pass both exams on the first attempt and genuinely believe it would not have been possible without AEI.
Thank you for putting together such a comprehensive class and for doing a great job of making the material accessible. As a bridge engineer, the amount of building related resources was a bit overwhelming. AEI made learning all those codes seem manageable.
Thank you again for all that you do. I’m sure you’ll see some of my coworkers in your class in the future.
Mairi S.
Seattle, WA
Hi Ahmed-
Hope you’re doing well! I’m so happy to share with you that I passed the SE lateral exam and I’ll soon be an SE in California! Thank you so much for everything! Your lectures are truly amazing and I will most definitely recommend your course to anyone that is interested in taking a PE or SE review course. We’ll be in touch, and thanks again Ahmed for helping me achieve one my ultimate goals in my career!
Oscar O.
Lakewood, CA
Thank you both for the AEI prep course, including your availability by email. I learned lots, both for the exam and day-to-day engineering, and am very excited to say I will not be needing to retake the course as I passed both days.
Julia H.
Waltham, MA
Dr. Ibrahim,
I wanted to let you know that I passed the SE Lateral Buildings exam this April 2022!
Thanks to your and Dr. Zayati's excellent instruction, I was able to pass the vertical last Spring 2021, and the lateral this Spring, both on my first attempts at the exam. I can say with certainty that I would not have been nearly as well-equipped without your course. I have already recommended it to everyone I've spoken with about the exam, and I will continue to do so.
I could always tell that you genuinely cared about our success, and I appreciated how thoroughly you explained the material. I definitely feel like a much better engineer than I was before your course. And it's a great relief to be done!
Thanks again, and best wishes!
Hannah H.
Sacramento, CA
I just wanted to let yall know that I passed. :)
Thank you so much for the instruction and notes. They were super helpful during the exam.
I will be sure to recommend yall to anyone else taking the SE exam.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Travis M. P.
Fort Worth, TX
Profs. Ibrahim and Zayati,
I received yesterday excellent news that I passed the SE lateral exam, which is a relief to me and especially to my spouse. I wanted to thank you both for your industry-leading preparatory course. I've already been recommending it to everyone in both of my offices.
On another note of gratitude, I'm a highly student-rated course instructor at a major R1 university, and even still I learned some tricks about how to manage longform online course delivery from you two which I'll be applying in future endeavors. Thank you for the inspiration and examples in all facets.
Kevin W.
Granger, IN
Dr. Ibrahim and Dr Zayati
Thank you for offering this course and dedicating so much of your time and effort to it. I have gained a significant amount of knowledge as an engineer from completing both of your courses. In my opinion, this level of knowledge should be the minimum requirement for designing buildings. Simplifying the code doesn't mean we should compromise on our competency levels.
I plan on recommending your classes to all my colleagues, and I firmly believe that this course should be mandatory for all building engineers in California.
I hope you can adapt your course to the new format and continue educating the structural engineering community. Thank you for everything you do.
Alexander C.
San Diego, CA
Hello Dr. Ibrahim and Dr. Zayati,

I took your Spring 2022 term of both SE Vertical and Lateral Buildings courses, and I am very happy to report that I passed both sections in the April 2022 exams!

I have a great appreciation for your commitment and sustained enthusiasm and diligence in your lectures, and your support of the students. Even through sickness and clear discomfort, Dr. Ibrahim, staying with the grueling challenge of maintaining a high degree of clarity and detail with a personal touch. A true credit to your character.

One piece of feedback I would like to give is that the printed course materials were particularly key to my personal success in the exam setting itself. A clear organization and progression through topics really helped to solidify a roadmap of problem solving. Being able to quickly recall and locate topics and examples was a major advantage. The summary sheets are solid gold.

Your courses were absolutely a worthy investment for me, and I wish you continued success in the future!

All the best,
Timothy M.
Chicago, IL
Dear Professor Ahmed, 
I am happy to inform you that I have passed my SE vertical exam. Thank you for the great lectures and notes as they helped me a lot during the preparation. 
Hasan T.
Norfolk, VA
Dr. I and Dr. Z,
Wanted to let you know that I passed the lateral SE exam! I will take the vertical in the fall.. Thanks so much for all your great instruction. I know that it was the difference in me passing this time after missing it last time.
Jared P.
University Place, WA
I just wanted to inform you that I passed the vertical exam! I can't thank AEI enough for the expertise and attentiveness to the students that gave us the tools we needed to pass. The material provided was thorough and the professors did an excellent job explaining it. I will certainly be taking the lateral exam with AEI as well.  
Blair B.
Birmingham, AL
Dr. Ibrahim and Dr. Zayati,
It is with great pride that I am writing to inform you that I have officially received my SE license in the state of Illinois.
I just want to pass along my deepest thanks for your time, effort, guidance, and patience. It is without a doubt that I would not be an SE today without your course and support. Along this journey, I have become many times over the engineer I had been and I couldn't be happier.
Thanks again for everything and I wish you all the best!
Danny H.
Chicago, IL
Thank you, Dr. Zayati and Dr. Ibrahim.
I just received the results for the April 22 gravity SE exam and I passed! Your wealth of knowledge has allowed me to become a better engineer.
I look forward to your lateral lectures for the October exam.
Paul Y. K.
Ventura, CA
Dr. Ibrahim and Dr. Zayati,
Thank you, once again, for your excellent course – I passed the SE Lateral exam! I am sure that I wouldn’t have passed on my first try without the course. I am not going to miss studying, but I will miss learning from both of you. Thank you!!
Emily Crowe
Dubuque, IA
Gentlemen, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your class for Spring 2022.  I was enrolled in your on-demand SE Vertical Forces class for the April 2022 SE exam.  I received notification last night that I achieved an acceptable result on the exam as a first-time taker.  I know without a doubt that I could not have done it without your classes and your assistance.  I greatly appreciate the level of detail your class provides and the expertise both of you demonstrated during the review.  Your workshop sessions for the afternoon portion of the exam were incredibly beneficial.
I look forward to enrolling soon into the on-demand SE Lateral Forces review course and hope to have another successful testing attempt.
Thanks again and look forward to seeing you both soon on the computer!
Andrew B.
Perrysburg, OH
I just received my passing results for Lateral. Passed vertical in October, so I’m all done!
Your class was a huge help and I’ll be recommending it to anyone taking the exam. I purchased all of the practice exams and study material I could find, and yours was by far the closest to the material on the exam. Thanks for all you do!
Adam A.
Hanahan, SC
Dr. Ibrahim and Dr. Zayati:
Thank you SO MUCH for the SE course preparation. I was able to pass the SE Vertical Bridge from the first time. The course preparation covered every aspect of the exam. Thank you again for all your efforts and caring to provide this priceless course preparation.
Cameron S.
Centreville, VA
Hello Dr. Ibrahim and Dr. Zayati,
Thank you both for putting together such an exceptional review course and putting countless hours into preparing your students for the exam.
I passed the lateral portion of the SE exam! I could not have accomplished this achievement without both of your help and your encouragement after I had not so stellar results last fall on this portion of the exam.
Now, I am very excited to officially be a licensed Structural Engineer in Illinois!
Thank you again
Grace D.
Chicago, IL
I wanted to say what a great class you guys teach, with your help I passed vertical in the fall and now lateral this spring, both on the first try. No way I would have done it without your course.
Spencer N.
Roseville, MN
Dr. Ibrahim,
Just wanted to let you know that I passed Day 2!! I couldn’t have done it without the awesome instruction and notes from you and Dr. Z, during the review course. You guys are awesome and great teachers. This class should be a must for anyone taking the exam.
You are the real MVP
Enji P.
Glenview, IL
My teachers, thank you for all your time and preparation. These exams were very difficult for me, and your efforts not only helped me pass but also help the quality and conformity of my client's projects.
I know how much of my time was spent on nights and weekends, and I see you giving that time right along with me - year after year. You both are a treasure to our industry.
My sincere gratitude and appreciation,
Arlen G.
Minneapolis, MN
Just wanted to send a note saying I passed and thanks for the big part you guys played in that. So grateful and relieved :)
Eric S.
Kansas City, MO
Dr. Ibrahim
Thanks to your and Dr. Zayati's excellent instruction and the AEI course, I thankfully passed the Vertical module!
Thank you for the information, and I am looking forward to the lateral course.
Hannah H.
Orrick, MO
Professor Ibrahim,
I was informed I passed the SE exam. Thank you so much for all your help and support!! Please keep up the great work!!
Chris A.
Rocklin, CA
I passed the vertical exam!
Thank you so much for putting on such an exceptional review class for these exams. I have no doubt that following the AEI vertical class was the best decision I made while preparing for the exam. I am looking forward to the lateral class in July!
Laura A.
Rochester, NY
Dear Dr. Ibrahim and Dr. Zayati
Just wanted to tell you I am very thankful for your instruction and advice over the past 3+ months of the SE lateral class. I feel pretty good about the exam, but more importantly I know that I am a better engineer for having taken your class and doing all the work you prescribed.
Looking around our exam site in Denver before the test, I saw several people near me who had the AEI binders with hundreds of tabs-- there was a striking difference in how much less wild page-flipping those guys were doing vs. those without.
I will be recommending your class to my colleagues who are serious about trying to pass this exam.
Derek W.
Westminster, CO
Dr I. and Dr Z.,
I’m happy to announce that I passed SE Vertical! Thank you both for your class, it was very detailed and thorough. It helped me to cover a lot of topics I had no experience in. I only have BS in Civil Engineering and taking SE exams for me is a whole different level.
See you in Lateral Class!
Denis B.
Santa Rosa Beach, FL
Dr. Ibrahim and Dr. Zayati,
I just got my results for the exam and I passed! I cannot thank you enough for the guidance because I would not have passed the Lateral exam without your help.
I wish you the best and it goes without saying that I will be recommending the AEI course to others.
Jay P.
Old Bridge Township, NJ