The material in the text book and exams is all pertinent and covers the material adequately. I like having access to all of the materials for additional 60 days. I find re-watching the videos very helpful. Things are moving a little fast for me, but I am counting on having the additional access time to improve my ability level. For someone who is currently a student in a college engineering program the topics would be a perfect review class.
Professor Hegazi is a born teacher. He explains things very well and is very patient. His knowledge of the curriculum is more than adequate. He encourages his students and makes us want to do well no matter what our level of education and understanding is. I have been out of college for several years and some of the topics are new to me. I am glad that I have an instructor who genuinely cares about his students.
Dondi Saltman
I have passed FE exam. Thank you for your sincere help and cooperation.
Mohammad C.
Davis, CA
Sameh! Thank you sir. It is agreed that I have not had most any of the Engineering topics in college that we have covered here. However, I am not trying to get a degree; I am trying to pass a test. At this time I feel more confident about passing the FE than I did before your class. And for this I thank you.  Keep up the good work.
Peter Bugala
The class was a little fast pace at times, however after review and practice problems the subjects became clearer.
Nakisha Marks
Thank you Mr. Sameh Hegazi. You did your job very well, and I hope we do the same. Thanks
Muhammad Zamani
Thank you for everything, Sameh. Your enthusiasm and overall knowledge made it easy to want to tune into the webinar each and every night. Also, the pace of class was perfect and I wouldn’t change a thing.
Michael Hajec
Overall great review class. Thank you Sameh for all of your help. I liked the fact that we had one instructor for entire class and not different instructor for each topic.
Matthew Hart
I have taken preparation classes in the past and I have to say I understand some more topics now than when I was in college.  Sameh’s teaching methods are clear and understandable.  He is a great teacher because he takes pride in what he does and genially cares for his students.  Overall, I feel more confident and more determined this time around than I ever did!
Laura Kusmock
Mr Hegazi did a great job and I learned a lot from the class
Handy Eugene
Although the class was fast paced, it is still better than a previous class that I took.  Having the same instructor that breaks down the various parts of the test into sections, and is available to answer questions is very helpful.
Daniel Melszer
I think the whole course has been excellent. There’s a lot of information to cover in a short amount of time but I think the textbook explains everything well and gives a good amount of examples and practice problems to be able to apply what we read. The instructor Sameh was awesome! He is a top notch professional in the field as well as a top notch instructor of the information provided. I would recommend anyone to him for any questions they have or for any class he teaches. Well done!
Jonathan Loope
I want to thank you for your effort I passed the FE exam and I couldn't make it without your help, your organized class which was very simple and very helpful, you explain the materials in a way extremely easy to understand, thank you so much engineer Sameh Hegazi.
Germeen Mekheal
     I am pleased to let you know that I took my FE exam on 4/12/17 and I did successfully pass it! I certainly would not have been able to pass the test without your class! I really appreciate the work you put into the class and helping us along. And your test taking tips were invaluable! I cannot thank you enough!
Andrew Haynes
I PASSED THE FE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'd like to thank you, Sameh, for providing us with the tools necessary to pass. I'd also like to thank GOER and PEF for providing me with the opportunity to take this class. I think this class definitely helped me to obtain my goal!
Additionally, I would be interested to hear about any opportunities that may arise in the future regarding a study course for the PE :)  Thanks again!
Anthony Seale
Class was overall easy to follow and stay on track to cover all review content. Class was very easy to follow, understand. Learned a lot by taking this Review class. Thank you for your time and much needed help. I will be letting you know how the FE exam went. Also, you helped simplify the material and helped with my speed, which is very important.
Robert Williams
So I took my test last Wednesday and just found out today that I passed! I can't thank you enough for all your help over these past few months.
P.S. - I also read that entire FE Civil Review Manual cover-to-cover and found that your book and classes proved to be much more helpful. Thanks again!
Mike Hajec
The only comment I have just is that you provided an excellent review course for any demographic attempting this test. Thank you for your time, patience, and wonderful courtesy towards all of your students. I will certainly be in contact to share my test experience and to simply maintain a professional relationship.
Robert Gaffney
I hope all is well. I wanted to let you know that I passed the FE exam. I took it march 25 and found out a few days later. I want to thank you for this great course. Even though parts of the exams weren't really what I expected, I must have answered enough correctly in order to pass. I just moved to the US from Germany last November so taking this exam was a big challenge. I studied and worked in Germany and graduated back in 2012. The course definitely helped me to familiarize myself with the terminology used in the US and of course refresh some of my knowledge. I hope that the engineering board will accept some of my foreign experience and doesn't let me sit for too long in order to take the PE exam.
Dominik Pankratz
The AEI Textbook, presentation of material during lectures, Section Exams, are all well-structured and well focused to simulate actual FE Exam questions. Sameh makes himself readily available at any time to assist his students with questions on class material or problem solving, even beyond the term of the class contract. I can not offer any recommendations for improvement to this class .
Sameh Hegazi is an outstanding teacher and a professional in every way. He demonstrates a genuine interest in the success of his students and I’m sure that he will look forward to hearing from everyone after we successfully complete the FE Exam. It will be because of what we all learned from his prep-class for the FE Exam in Civil. I know that Sameh will feel a great deal of pride and satisfaction from our success."
Richard Warren
I am very happy to inform you that I passed FE(Civil) last 03/15/2017. It was very quick only for your effective classes and instructions. I am very grateful to you . Please give me your valuable instruction for PE when you have time.
Khandaker Rouf